Group Show: Tarika Sabherwal, Brittany French, Reece King, Benjamin Lewis, Danae Ripley, Holly Paynter, Hela Trol Pis, Zoe Gow, Kate Russel, Georgia Arnold, Nariman Taghipouran, Ahn Tran, Tom Tuke and Georgio Santamaria
Paper Show, 2019. Installation View, Satchi & Satchi & Satchi.
Left: Untitled Handmade Paper works, Georgia Arnold. Right: Bulbasaur Propaganda, Anh Tran.
Top Row: (2nd from left) Punch Me - Crunch Me, 2018. (3rd from left) Untitled2018. Bottom Row: (2nd from left) Untitled, 2018.
Untitled, 2018. Homemade paper from the pulp of a semesters worth of drawings.