Group Show: Georgia Arnold, Tyrone Te Waa, Hannah Ireland
SAW-SEE_SEE-SAW, 2020. Installation View: Sanc Gallery, Auckland

Georgia Arnold, Untitled, 2019. Pastel on orange paper. Hannah Ireland, Sea Salt, 2020. Ink, watercolour, house paint on glass.

Assemblage: Gesso on linocut, plaster, beeswax on thread with washer, glaze on stoneware.

Untitled, 2020. Oil, oil pastel, pastel on canvas.
Short Lifespan, 2020. Charcoal and coloured graphite on paper.
Drawings 2019-2020; on paper, coloured paper and sandpaper. Untitled, 2020. Stoneware, underglaze chalk, glaze.
Night-time Drawing, 2020. Pastel, charcoal, coloured graphite, house paint on paper. Bottom left: Charcoal and marker on coloured paper, sandpaper, plaster, in a wooden frame. Bottom Right: Beeswax and plaster, sitting on a piece of glazed stoneware.

​​​​​​​Untitled, 2020. Aluminium open sand cast.

What's that in human years? 2020. Clay, watercolour pencil, plaster in a wooden frame. Found piece of thermoplastic road marking paint, paraffin wax, glazed stoneware ceramic charms.
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